Yesterday, Google Chrome  has been penalized for sponsored post and paid link campaigns focused at increasing relevance of the browser on Google. Search engine land reports reveal that Chrome will loose Page Rank (a measure of determining a webpage’s relevance) and as a result, searches for the keyword “browser” will no longer brings Google Chrome home page on the result page.

Chrome’s sponsored post campaigns have violated Google webmaster policies as it brought paid links to raise Chrome’s ranking on search engine result pages. A site’s ranking on search engine is determined by several different factors and analysis. Incoming link based analysis is one among those effective ways of measuring a site’s authority on the web and it takes plenty of time and effort on building relevant back links.  Both the quality and quantity of incoming links count for a site’s authority and Google considers it for factoring page rank and for search engine placement.

How ever Google doesn’t allow buying and selling of links (other than paid ads) from high Page Rank sites solely for link building purposes and if found doing, applies penalty like it did for Google Chrome.

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