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Google has been updating their Panda search algorithm regularly to keep webmasters and search marketing specialist wary of website penalization issues. So if you are some one who manages a large website or an e-commerce site you should be well aware of the basic search engine guidelines and ways to prevent search engine penalties on your site. It’s also important that you follow all the search algorithmic updates and conduct regular checks to find out whether your website is de-ranked or penalized for wrong optimization.

On the Google Webmaster forums, you can see plenty of Q&As posted on Google penalty and how to detect them on sites etc.  Here are few checks to find out whether your site has been penalized by Google or not.

Check your site for domain name search

Type site:”” in Google and if you don’t see your website on the search results it’s almost certain that you have Google penalty.

Check your site for back links:

Search for links:”” and if it shows no links you can be sure that it’s a penalty.

Check your Google webmaster account for error reports.
Check your website for malware:

You can run malware checks using the following URL

By adding domain name at the end of this url you can find out whether your website is listed as suspicious or has it hosted any malware.

When you should check for website penalty issues?

  • After every search algorithm update by search engines.
  • When you find a sudden drop in website traffic.
  • When you don’t find your website on domain name searches.
  • When you loose keyword rankings.
  • When a significant change say adding 1000 new web-pages to your website.

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