Click to call adwordsIf you are running adwords and want to target mobile users, you can enable click-to-call feature where your business contact will be displayed at the end of the ad text. To enable click-to-call feature you need to set up a different ad campaign opting “WAP mobile ad” feature. Users can either click-to-call or click through to the landing page using WAP Mobile ads.

What are the differences between WAP Mobile ads and Text ads?
WAP mobile ads are customized ads that can be displayed on mobile ads. Text ads and image ads also support displaying them on mobile devices, but if you want to enable click-to-call feature or have plans to target specific carrier networks to display your ads, you need to set up WAP Mobile ads campaign on your adwords.
Ad copy guidelines for WAP Mobile ads are different from text ads. Ad texts will be limited compared to Text ads.
If you could work a mobile version of your ad landing page (Website), that can serve better for customer inquiries as well as ad quality score. If you are using a mobile version of the landing page, you should specify the markup language in which the mobile site is written. Also you can opt for specific mobile carrier’s to display your ads (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc).
Targeted WAP mobile ads can be more effective as ads from WAP campaigns will receive good ad rank with relatively lesser cost.

How adwords charge you on click-to-calls?
Cost of a click-to-call will be same as that of your CPC campaigns. You are bidding for the keywords and cost per call is treated same as cost incurring on each clicks to your ad landing page. Users are charged for their calls based on their carrier rates.
Google had recently introduced Bid-per-call, where you can bid for phone calls in addition to bid for clicks. How ever it’s still on a roll out stage and currently the service is available only in US and UK.

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