Page titles are short description about the content of a webpage displayed on the search results that link to webpages.  It plays an important role in SEO as webmasters around the world spend plenty of time and effort in making unique keyword rich title tags for their web-pages.
Normally Google uses the page title you define on the Meta section to display it on the search result pages. But with the latest tweaks in its algorithm, Google will display the title which best describes a webpage based on users query. If you had set a unique keyword rich title for your webpages and you find a different page title showing up in the search results, it’s because of the latest change rolled out by Google. The move is aimed at putting back the best results for users query and to increase the click through rate of its search results.

Following image shows the actual title used by the webmaster and the alternate title Google displayed on the search result page.


The alternate title will make the search results more relevant to users and improves the click through rate. Following are some reasons why they use alternate title tags.

  • When it finds a webpage with out a title tag in its head section.
  • When it finds a single page title displayed across all its web-pages. As per the webmaster guidelines, each page on a website should possess a unique title tag. You cannot use the same page title for all your webpages or cannot stuff with same keywords  as search engines consider this as spammy.
  • When it finds a long title tag. The normal length of a title tag which Google displays on its search results is 70 characters. Earlier when you use a title text above 70 characters, it will be truncated to fit into the search results. Now with the tweak, Google displays alternate title relevant to the search query.

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