Google Adwords introduced Wifi targeting and Operating System version targeting options for its mobile advertisers. With the new options advertisers can target mobile users who use wifi services for internet connection and target users based on the mobile operating system versions.

How Adwords Wi-Fi targeting help advertisers?

Normally advertisers can choose carrier networks on mobile campaign settings for ads targeting.  With Wi-Fi traffic options advertisers can specifically target those mobile users who connect to web using wifi services. It allows high band width landing pages to load faster compared to carrier networks and better serves for adding videos and other high band width content.


What is Operating System version targeting? (OS version targeting)

Operating System option was available earlier for targeting specific mobile OS like Android, IOS etc.  With the new feature advertisers can now choose the version of operating system to target. (Eg. Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.)

Advertisers can select a particular version or a group of versions by setting the minimum and maximum version in the advanced mobile and tablet options. In the above image you can see the IOS versions added on the “Selected Operating Systems” field.

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