New research conducted by Google team reveals, paid ads fetch 50% more traffic even if you organically rank #1 on the search results. This would mean more money to Google as online marketers around the world would raise their adwords budget for the incremental traffic.

The study says if your organic placement is between 2nd and 4th position, you will receive 81% more incremental traffic through paid ads and if it’s placed below 5, 96% more incremental traffic.

Certainly if you are targeting highly competitive keywords for organic ranking, it’s best advised that you run paid ads conjointly with your keyword optimization campaigns. Though paid ads won’t help you with any organic ranking, it could trigger brand searches. Also, it’s relatively easy to position your website for brand name searches with a matching domain name.

So as you fetch more brand name traffic, search engines will consider your web-pages as more relevant and start increasing your organic placement for related search keywords.

Following is an infographic on the research study.


You can read more about it on Google’s official blog for news and info on Adwords.


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