2011 has witnessed a rapid increase in mobile web users around the world. People are increasingly looking to get access to information through mobile devices and a mobile optimized website can help you enhance your brand reach and business visibility.

Following are some advantages of having a mobile optimized website.Mobile_optimized_website

  • People browsing through their mobile devices look to get quicker access to the content and a mobile optimized website with better navigation features significantly improves user experience.
  • Optimized mobile website design reduces the loading time of sites while the desktop version takes higher loading time and increases the bounce rate of your site when viewed through mobile devices .
  • Mobile friendly sites will get good rankings on popular search engines like Google, Bing etc. helping your site with improved SEO benefit.  Also mobile sites will be placed in relevant mobile and local directories fetching good referral traffic.
  • If you have plans to run online campaigns or web advertisements like Google adwords, PPC campaigns etc. we highly recommend you to have a mobile optimized landing page version. Mobile landing pages improve the overall quality of your ads and enable you to drive quality clicks and traffic to your site at lower cost.
  • Also, mobile optimized contact forms and landing pages serves better to capture customer leads through mobile devices.
  • Features like click-to- call helps the user to make instant calls from their mobile devices with out dialing the number.
  • Advanced location map options help the user to locate your business easily from mobile devices.

Overall a mobile version of your site will connect your business with the target audience and provide them a better user experience.

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